Welcome to my first travelog!

This President’s day weekend, our family drove 245 miles to the little town of Bayfield, WI on the shore of Lake Superior to see the Apostle Islands Mainland Sea Caves, or the ice caves.

Check it out here.

File:WIS 13.svgDuring the drive, we got a little off course so my dad had to use the GPS and when it told us to turn on to Highway 13, it listed all the different names! Imagine this: “Turn right on to Wisconsin North 13, North Wisconsin 13, North State Highway 13, State North 13, State Trunk Highway 13…” The list goes on and on. It might have listed 13 different names!

We stayed at the Manypenny Place Suite, a charming little cabin previously owned by playwrights. There were posters of plays on the walls, framed, and it had a nice little country-style kitchen that looked like this:

Manypenny Kitchen

The next day, my mom wasn’t feeling well, so we went to the Ice caves without her. We drove on State Highway 13 down to an access point where the parking stretched on for a mile or so. We walked a few miles on a road that was blocked off to traffic for this special event. There was a steep drop down to the lake where my brother slipped. I have to admit, I was a bit of a scaredy-cat, so I went around a different way.

Once we got down to the lake, there was a long way on the ice to go. We could see the caves, but they were far away. We kept on walking, and walking, and walking. My dad pulled my brother on a sled. I called for a break, and supposedly at the right time, because my dad said “If we had went any further, we would have become very goal-oriented and would have tired ourselves out.”

After we arrived, I was amazed and fascinated by the caves. I even went inside one and went through a tunnel that led to another cave! The caves, however, were not as beautiful in real life as they were advertised on nps.gov.

There were little uplifts in the ice that had a Norwegian name that I forgot.  Some of them were very clear, like ice from filtered water.

We went back home, and on the trail, I got tired and fell apart. My dad had to help me get up and help me stay upright. This was because I was pulling my brother on the sled.

After I got home, I just fell apart. After I showered, I ate a heavy meal and went to bed. The next morning, we packed up and headed out. We drove on the lake and so my mom could see. We saw HUGE cracks. Then we started to drive home.

At Duluth, we had lunch at an Italian pizza place called Vitta Pizza. I ordered a sausage pizza called the Silvio. It was great. I also ordered a sparkling lemon juice that was way too sour. I couldn’t finish the small 9″ pizza, so we took it home. After we got home, I washed up, ate and went to bed.


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