Florida 2014: Day One

I live in Minnesota, and you barely get sunshine during the winter months here. So our family decided to go to the Sunshine State and experience a little change in the weather. On the first day, we woke up at 7 am to catch our flight. This being my brother’s first security check by himself (Last time he was so small he was carried by Mom), he was a bit confused.

On the flight, we had to sit apart from each other, but my brother got to sit with my mom.  Southwest Airlines doesn’t have reserved seats. They basically have something called priority boarding, where passengers who pay to upgrade get to board first, then families with kids under four, and then everybody else. We were the latter group.

Once we were landing, a little kid called out “Mom, there’s no snow here!”. Everybody laughed. This is the reason why people go to Florida. I think he just realized that.

The moment we touched ground, you could see palm trees. Palm trees next to the runway. Palm trees by the airport. Palm trees by the highways. Palm trees are present in Florida as much as snow is in Minnesota. The plane went over a bridge wen it was taxiing to the gate. If I were under that bridge, I would be pretty scared.

After we landed in Orlando, we picked up our rental car. We were supposed to get a Toyota Corolla, but they gave us a ‘space upgrade’ to a terrible Nissan. We drove and checked in to our hotel in Lake Buena Vista. It was a nice little place, with a swimming pool and a boardwalk. I wore shorts for the first time in 6 months!

That evening, we had dinner at one of my mom’s old friend’s place. It was confusing to get there. We kept missing the turn. She used to live in Minnesota, but then moved to Atlanta, and finally Orlando. Mom got time to catch up with her.

I got home super tired. I flopped right onto the bed, but I was thinking about tomorrow. Disney World….


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