Just a quick thought…

One time, I heard on the news that the destruction of the Metrodome in Minneapolis took 7.1 seconds. They also said that the construction of the new stadium will take 2 years. Then I started to think. Why aren’t people more constructive? The entire human race was for creating things. They’ve got all these high-tech explosive to quickly destroy things, but no systems for building things that quickly. We’ve gotten better, but we haven’t advanced in the field of construction as rapidly as destructive technologies.

A video of the destruction:


One Player, One Stadium

Proposed Vikings Stadium. From Wikipedia/Public Domain
Proposed Vikings Stadium. From Wikipedia/Public Domain

Look at this picture of the proposed Vikings Stadium. Where you would expect to see the VIkings logo, you see a graphic of one player, Adrian Peterson. One player does not represent the whole team. Although Peterson might be the best player on the team, this new stadium is the team’s home stadium, not AP’s home stadium.

Politics and Athletics: Why They Don’t Mix


image from idigitaltimes.com

A few days ago, when I was watching the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, I was mad at how they were talking about the political divide between Russia and the United States, including the controversy over Edward Snowden and communism. I was very angry. I just wanted to watch the Opening Ceremony! The ceremony was scheduled to start at 7:00 but the actual ceremony didn’t start until 7:10. The athletes at the Games have nothing to do with this, and they don’t care. I think this is un-Olympic-like. Previous opening ceremonies were prefaced with talk about the Games and the athletes themselves, not about the political systems of the host country. Also, Russian-Americans, like Maria Sharapova, who was featured on the pre-ceremony show, will feel criticized when NBC talks about this. We all know about our struggles with Russia. There is no need to report about it during the Olympic Games. Come on, people, come on.